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About us

We breed mainly FPD Appaloosa Horses and also Australian Cattle Dogs (or Dog???) a bit. Our ranch is situated in Northern Moravia in Zulovska Hilly Country, Czech Republic. These beautiful landscape is full of pastures with small roundy woodlots and nunataks. On the South of it, there are the Rychlebske Hills, on the north, one can look into an open wide plain of Poland. The ranch area is devided into two parts. The Base, its tract is about 2.5 ha, lies near the village center between houses and the pastures At game-keeper house, they are found 2.5 km far from the village center quite up on a hill and the tract is about 1.4 ha. Our farming is watched by KEZ, o.p.s., an organization for ecological agriculture monitoring. We make efforts to keep horses as naturally as they need for horses natural lifes. We try to uphold animals welfare by this way. We are fond of producing foundation Appaloosas, that is supporting by Appaloosa Horse Club in its Foundation Pedigree Designation program. At least once a year we present one or two of our horses in western competitions or shows.




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