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Appaloosa Characteristics

"Versatility, Color and Hardiness"

The Appaloosa is a distinctive breed of horse. All Appaloosas have characteristics that set them apart from other breeds in the equine world.

  • Mottled Skin - the skin of the Appaloosa is mottled with an irregular spotting, a speckled pattern of pigmented and non-pigmented skin. Most often it can be found on the soft skin tissue of the horse, but can cover its entire body.
  • White Sclera - white Sclera is the white area encircling the dark pupil of the horse's eye. Appaloosa eyes have a similarity to the human eye, which is not true with all other breeds of horses. Most of them have a dark sclera, almost black.
  • Striped Hooves - clearly defines vertically light and dark striped hooves on legs that have no white leg markings. The Appaloosa breed is the only breed of horse that displays this characteristic.


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